iPads in Class

The Hunter College Arnhold iDanceEd initiative, inaugurated in the Fall of 2012, provides Arnhold Graduate Dance Education students with an Apple iPad 3, as well as training and support for the duration of their graduate career.

An enhanced and comprehensive Dance Education curriculum component enables students to stay current through training, exploration, discovery, sharing and practicing student-centered integration of dance artistry and education with digital tools and technology. Students will gain experience and hone their expertise in Hunter College’s Dance Methods classes, Hunter’s Instructional Computing and Information Technology Center training sessions and in Pre-K-12 dance classrooms. Gaining critical 21st century skills and strategies, Hunter College Arnhold Graduate Dance Education students prepare for a future of increasingly modern and complex dance teaching, learning and performance settings, needed to emerge as future leaders in dance education.

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7 thoughts on “iPads in Class”

  1. The I home pen for IPads is a nice and affordable accessory. I am currently using it for drawing and hand written note taking in the Paper app. It can definitely be utilitzed in other apps as well and you can use it to type and maneuver throughout your iPad.
    $4.99 at TJ Maxx


  2. Ballet is fun
    This app gives you definitions to different steps in ballet. It shows you and explains about the techniques for new and experience dancers. It also gives you space to take notes. I like this app because it gives you both visual and written examples. App $14.99


    1. Richard Toda is looking forward to hearing about new apps and seeing all the developments the Methods students have explored with their own students since last semester! We’ll be going to ABT on April 10th.


  3. Free is good. I need to check on the SmartBoard training reservation request I put in two weeks ago, to learn strategies for using iPads with SmartBoards. This sounds like a great app for the graduates and also for their students- expanding lesson into 5th strand-Careers and Lifelong Learning.

    Thank you for sharing this information.


  4. Application Name:
    Grafio lite diagrams and ideas
    Create Flow charts, organizational map, Venn diagrams, etc. that you can include text, audio notes, and drawings. As you draw it senses the shape and makes an even and neat prototype, you can stretch it out with your fingers to enlarge, then choose from 50 editing options including colors, and make labels and connections as you choose. You can share as a an email, to export as a PDF or to drop box you will need to purchase the entire application.
    I am using this application now to create a floor plan while brainstorming a potential performance space design.
    There is a Grafio video tutorial on youtube.
    It’s FREE!


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