Green Screen App

The Green Screen app by Do Ink is $2.99 and is useful in creating video works. This application helped me to successfully complete my first assignment in Special Topics. With this app I was able to layer two videos over each other to create a new work. I created a video based off of the idea of commuting to work, using other apps such as iMovie, Videon, and Video Fx Live. I then used the same apps to edit a video of myself dancing from the waist up. Then, using the Green Screen app, I was able to layer the two videos together (my project can be seen here: I found this app to be a bit more difficult to use because the layering takes some playing with. One has to find the correct color to blend the two videos together. This app can also be used if you video in front of an actual green screen. I would recommend this for video editing only if you have the time to really delve into the app.

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