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Common Core App

The Common Core App is a must for teachers in every content area. Being able to review the standards on the Common Core App with such frequent access allows teachers in all fields to plan and adapt their lessons accordingly. It is great to be able to click on it anytime and review just where my students need to be and the best tools to help them achieve the requirements  needed and bring them to the next level in their process of learning.

All Dancers Need the KineScribe App

I will admit, as many times as I have looked at the dance symbols and notations for dance, I sometimes still have a tendency to forget or get some confused. The KineScribe app is able to upload all relevant dance symbol notations at any time, which is great and very necessary for students. This app is a great on-hand device for both teaching and choreographing. You can show your students the charts as well as create new ones and choreograph different paths of movements and tasks.

Pandora — For Any Time and Any Mood

I have always been a fan of Pandora, since I first discovered it and listened to a variety of music on a big chinky desk top computer before the days of iTunes and iPads. Now that there is the Pandora app for iPad, I am able to listen to an array of music at anytime and in any location. It is wonderful and has been a huge help to access a pandora classical station on my iPad while studying for finals in the library, or warming up my body to the “Best of the 90s” mix. The Pandora App works well for anytime, any place, and any mood.


Ever since the Fall Semester when I downloaded the iBooks app on my iPad, I have have been using it almost everyday, both in and out of class. The app works great for downloading books off the internet or transferring files from professors, including long readings. It has been a huge asset in my academics to transfer long, one hundred page readings into the iBooks library and access them anytime, especially on the long train rides home, and busy waits on the subway platform. Highly recommend for all students to have this app on their iPad.

Things to Learn

I just learned about the iPad app “Things To Learn” geared for students and teachers. My professor introduced this app to our Dance Methods class while drafting a Hip Hop Lesson. It is so much fun to play around with the different symbols and flip through content areas. A teacher is able to create a test for almost any age and level of learner. The visuals and content are also very child friendly and could give students a more positive association with the word quiz or test. The “Things To Learn” app would also work well for parents in developing new learning skills for their younglings.


I just got really excited when I learned about the newest art APP available for the ipad; ArtPuBLIK. This APP is continuously updated with different forms of visual arts, especially Graffiti. I am really looking forward to showing my students some of the very talented artist and pieces which currently exist and I am sure they will feel just as inspired as I am to create more art and dance.

The Common Core APP

The Common Core App has been extremely helpful when planning and writing lessons. Being able to look at the standards anytime, whether there is WiFi access in the vicinity or not. Teachers should always have the Common Core Standards at hand, any given time. They can be a useful tool for which ever content a teacher is focusing.