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Duolingo, Inspiration, and Whiteboard!

Duolingo – This app is great because it teaches you another language. I think it’s useful because as a teacher you would have students whose second language is English, so it might be difficult for us to communicate. Using an app that can help both the teacher and student communicate is always important because it’ll make it easier for the student to learn along with the rest of their class.

Inspiration – This app is great for teachers who want to use a visual aid to help with breaking down content for their students. It is also useful for students who might want to write an essay but don’t know where to start. This can serve as a map planner/guider.

Whiteboard – This app is a great alternative to drawing with only pencil and paper. There are multiple colors and different sizes of boldness in the writing. Students can use this app when creating art, but digitally.

iPad app review

iMovie App- As a student choreographer, having the ability to record your piece is very helpful as you may want to track your choreographic process. With the iMovie app, I am able to edit my videos any way that I’d like. I can combine separate videos and I can add smooth transitions between each clip. I look forward to becoming a teacher to make mini-videos for my students when they dance so that they can see their growth.

Vimeo App- I am currently taking an assessment course where I have to document the assessment process of two targeted students. To show my professor my recorded work, I uploaded the recorded videos of my targeted students to Vimeo so that my professor can see how dance teachers assess their students.

FaceTime App- I use FaceTime to speak to my mentor when I need help with my many assignments. She lives in Long Island and I live in Brooklyn, but with the FaceTime app distance is not an issue. We’re not limited to only speaking during the week. I have spoken to my mentor on weekends. So if I need to speak to her when I have an emergency, this app is the way to go.

Notability App- Notability is great for note taking. You can open up slide shows and word documents and make any notes you want. With features such as high lighting and voice recording, I am able to take my studying to another level.

Blackboard App- Having easy access to Blackboard is imperative as a CUNY student. I am able to remain updated on assignments from many different professors. I am also able to upload all of my assignments from my iPad. Because I am always on the go, I do not have easy access to a computer so this app works perfect for me.

All of the apps I used during the semester

1. “Vine” app: This app was a fun and creative way to show how the Arnold Graduate Department conducts their classes. Through this app, we were able to record the many teachings of different styles of dance, such as the “Washboard” and the “Stick” dance. We were also able to record each other’s lessons as we individually taught a lesson from our unit. We also able to capture those awesome moments when we as a class were learning the many different ways to be amazing dance educators.

2. “Youtube” app: This app is useful in many more ways than one. When I taught my lesson on the Harlem Renaissance, I used this app to search the type of music played during that era. I was also able to learn different styles of dance from Youtube. Also, the dance department uses this app to upload the process of our choreography during our showings for the choreographic projects class.

3. “Sketch” app: This app was a fun way to scribe dance language. We were able to draw different signs in different sizes and colors. Each sign had a different meaning, so if I drew it, someone had to perform it. We were also able to create our own mini dances using the app when we drew the order of the signs that we wanted. It was a very fun and creative way to choreograph.

4. “Alarm Clock” app: This app not only wakes me up in the morning, but it is also a great time keeper when teaching lessons. Sometimes as a teacher, we become side tracked, and this app is a great motivator to keep us on track of time. It helps us to determine how much we can get done in the allotted amount of time. It is also good for students because when they are given a certain amount of time to complete a task, the alarm clock helps them to stay on track.

5. “Safari” app: Safari, also known as the internet is useful because it is like having an encyclopedia in your hands. Whenever I did not know something, I would automatically open my Safari app and look it up. It provides access to many search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Also, I am able to accomplish my homework on the Safari app because I have access to Blackboard.

6. “Video” app: This video app was so helpful to me this semester. Because I was in my choreographed piece, I was not able to see what my dance looked like as a whole. But once I was able to record it, I saw what needed to be improved and what I liked most about my dance. I was also able to record myself improvising which is where I derived most of my material from when I began to choreograph. This app was probably one of the most helpful this semester.

7. “Common Core” app: This is a great app for educators. It helped me to create my lesson plan because I was able to guide it in the way the Board of Education wants students to learn. It shows the exact levels the students should be able to perform at a certain grade level. I consider this app the Bible for educators.

8. “Notability” app: This app is great for taking notes. I can open up a blank page and take notes or I can open up any article or PDF and take notes from there. I can highlight and cross out words. It is like having a physical notepad with pen and paper. I am also able to open up slide shows where I can study from instead of wasting numerous amounts of paper. This app is very useful when it comes to a class with a heavy work load. I can make different folders for different classes. It is more than a notepad, it is like a binder.