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Spotlight on ArtsEdTech & Jessica Wilt

On this #TechTuesday, we celebrate Jessica Wilt, an innovator in the arts, technology, and community building!


Jessica is a dancer, arts education advocate, and the founder of ArtsEdTechNYC, “a group for artists and performing artists, educators in K-12 and higher ed, teaching artists, arts & culture or recreational organizations, technology enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and anyone interested in the intersection of the arts with education and technology.”

Through monthly #ArtsEdTech Tuesday gatherings (the first Tuesday of each month at the Centre for Social Innovation) and #ArtsEdTech Thursdays (a moderated panel series at Apple SoHo), ArtsEdTechNYC has been cultivating a community of forward-thinking arts educators to spark conversation, share ideas, and help nurture the growing connections between the arts and technology.

In her recent feature in the New Learning Times, Jessica discussed her vision for the group: “I launched ArtsEdTechNYC a year ago as a platform for people to network, exchange ideas and learn from others who are using technology in successful, meaningful ways with arts education being the anchor. I continue to be inspired by the connections that are being made, the stories that are being shared, and hope the future of ArtsEdTech becomes a virtual platform for those in the arts, education, and tech fields to collaborate and learn from each other, especially teaching best practices and professional development modeling.”

We applaud Jessica for her work within the New York City arts community and encourage all of you to join the ArtsEdTech Meetup Group for up-to-date information on their latest events.

Jessica Wilt can be found on the web at and @JessicaLWilt

ArtsEdTech NYC can be found at,  @ArtsEdTechNYCFacebook, and their Meetup Group


iDance4Joy Project

Start 2013 with a dance of joy in the iDance4Joy Project, initiated by Kathleen Isaac, Director of the Hunter College Arnhold Graduate Dance Education Programs. Choose an appropriate space and have a friend film you with your iPad or smartphone performing a less-than-10-second joyful dance. Post the video shortly afterwards as a response to this one. To do a video response (On YouTube), click a comment box and click ‘Add a video response’ to upload your submission. ‘Title and tag it with iDance4Joy and your name. Once we have 50 submissions we will release a mash-up. Thanks to all who participate in the iDance4Joy Project.

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Migrating to your own iPad

We are responding to the concern of losing your work when returning your iPad to the program upon graduation. Nothing on your iPad is permanent or immovable. Follow the tutorial to migrate everything from your Hunter iPad to your own iPad and reset your Hunter iPad by removing all your personal files and apps. Feel free to stop by the office if you need any assistance with this.

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iDanceEd Technical Support

Learn about integrating digital tools, social media, and technology into educational dance settings.  Go further and explore web development, social media promotion, designing print media, portfolio development, podcasting, and more.  Schedule an appointment today via to collaborate with the AGDEP support staff.

David dos Santos
David dos Santos

Start a website, advanced WordPress with a self hosted blog.

Learn the basic of video editing and touching up photos.

Trim music/sound and basic editing.

Choosing a good password and keeping it secure.

Powerpoint and Prezi Presentations.

Graphic designs.

Social Media Promotion.

Stephanie Peña
Stephanie Peña

Make a Facebook Page.

Print media from templates in Microsoft Word.

Share hi-resolution photos on Flickr and Photobucket.

Start a Youtube Channel and Upload your first video.

General iPad support.

iPads in Class

The Hunter College Arnhold iDanceEd initiative, inaugurated in the Fall of 2012, provides Arnhold Graduate Dance Education students with an Apple iPad 3, as well as training and support for the duration of their graduate career.

An enhanced and comprehensive Dance Education curriculum component enables students to stay current through training, exploration, discovery, sharing and practicing student-centered integration of dance artistry and education with digital tools and technology. Students will gain experience and hone their expertise in Hunter College’s Dance Methods classes, Hunter’s Instructional Computing and Information Technology Center training sessions and in Pre-K-12 dance classrooms. Gaining critical 21st century skills and strategies, Hunter College Arnhold Graduate Dance Education students prepare for a future of increasingly modern and complex dance teaching, learning and performance settings, needed to emerge as future leaders in dance education.

Be where innovation happens!

Be where innovation happens!

Be where innovation happens! Hunter College Arnhold Graduate Dance Education Program! Putting the “art” in smart!

Please use this space to share your comments about new and exciting ways you are using your iPads for dance artistry and education.  We look forward to reading about your discoveries!