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Common Core App

The Common Core App is a must for teachers in every content area. Being able to review the standards on the Common Core App with such frequent access allows teachers in all fields to plan and adapt their lessons accordingly. It is great to be able to click on it anytime and review just where my students need to be and the best tools to help them achieve the requirements  needed and bring them to the next level in their process of learning.


Ever since the Fall Semester when I downloaded the iBooks app on my iPad, I have have been using it almost everyday, both in and out of class. The app works great for downloading books off the internet or transferring files from professors, including long readings. It has been a huge asset in my academics to transfer long, one hundred page readings into the iBooks library and access them anytime, especially on the long train rides home, and busy waits on the subway platform. Highly recommend for all students to have this app on their iPad.

Things to Learn

I just learned about the iPad app “Things To Learn” geared for students and teachers. My professor introduced this app to our Dance Methods class while drafting a Hip Hop Lesson. It is so much fun to play around with the different symbols and flip through content areas. A teacher is able to create a test for almost any age and level of learner. The visuals and content are also very child friendly and could give students a more positive association with the word quiz or test. The “Things To Learn” app would also work well for parents in developing new learning skills for their younglings.

Duolingo, Inspiration, and Whiteboard!

Duolingo – This app is great because it teaches you another language. I think it’s useful because as a teacher you would have students whose second language is English, so it might be difficult for us to communicate. Using an app that can help both the teacher and student communicate is always important because it’ll make it easier for the student to learn along with the rest of their class.

Inspiration – This app is great for teachers who want to use a visual aid to help with breaking down content for their students. It is also useful for students who might want to write an essay but don’t know where to start. This can serve as a map planner/guider.

Whiteboard – This app is a great alternative to drawing with only pencil and paper. There are multiple colors and different sizes of boldness in the writing. Students can use this app when creating art, but digitally.

Green Screen App

The Green Screen app by Do Ink is $2.99 and is useful in creating video works. This application helped me to successfully complete my first assignment in Special Topics. With this app I was able to layer two videos over each other to create a new work. I created a video based off of the idea of commuting to work, using other apps such as iMovie, Videon, and Video Fx Live. I then used the same apps to edit a video of myself dancing from the waist up. Then, using the Green Screen app, I was able to layer the two videos together (my project can be seen here: I found this app to be a bit more difficult to use because the layering takes some playing with. One has to find the correct color to blend the two videos together. This app can also be used if you video in front of an actual green screen. I would recommend this for video editing only if you have the time to really delve into the app.

Video Fx Live

Video Fx live is a free app with additional in-app purchases as needed. I found it useful to make two in-app purchases: “Video Import Kit” and “Stupendous Re-Effectinator.” Without these two purchases, one can use the free app to record videos using various free effects, such as adjusting speed, transitions, and view of the image. With the use of the additional two apps, you can import videos you already have on your iPad and then add effects to them post-shot. This app was very helpful in creating the background video for the duet I did. We were able to add an effect to tile the video multiple times, which assisted with the image quality when projecting on a large screen. I would recommend this app with the 2 in-app purchases for those interested in creating video projects.


The iMovie app has been very helpful with my Special Topics class this semester. I used this app as a part of two large assignments for this class, which included the video back drop for the duet I performed in for the show. For the older generation iPad, this app does cost about $5. With this app, I was able to edit together various video clips, add music to the clips, and create various effects, such as transitions and fade ins and outs. I would not have been successful on these projects without this app. The videos you create can be sent to your camera roll. Then with the use of other apps such as Google Drive and YouTube, you can easily share your creations with others; this is very helpful when working in collaboration with others. I agree with other students’ posts in that I would recommend others add this application (if they haven’t already done so).