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This is another app that I purchased for my Special Topics class, and again it helped me in successfully completing two assignments. This app costs $4.99, and is helpful in creating video projects. With this app, one can adjust the image of the video in various ways including: color, exposure, hue, contrast, vibrancy, and shadows. It can also add effects to your video such as adjusting the speed, inverting an image, and reversing movement. I found this app very helpful in creating a better rhythm for my video works to relate to dance movement I was adding to the overall work. In comparison to iMovie, this app allows you to make more adjustments to the content of the video and can also allow you to create smaller clips of video. I would recommend using this app when creating video work along with the iMovie app.

Kindle App

I didn’t know Kindle had an app. I thought that Kindle was only available as a tablet until my classmate Nisla told me she had it in her ipad. I needed to purchase a textbook for my physical training class, and getting it through the Kindle app was more affordable than the hard copy. It is unfortunate that I was not able to purchase all my textbooks this semester through this app. I hope that will change in thee future. Also the Kindle app is free!

KineScribe App

Dance notation is an important part of dance education. I never knew an app like this was out there. I can definitely see myself using this just for myself, and in my future classroom. It is a bit confusing to use at first. You definitely have to go on the website to figure it out. I wish it was a little more user friendly. I did have some trouble finding all the symbols on the Symbol Pad. It wouldn’t let me scroll down to view the rest of the symbols on the bottom. I do hope the developers of this app fix those quirks. It is a really great way to introduce dance notation to students.

Flashcards App

I found out about this app from Kristy in our method 2 class. I think this is an easier way to carry flashcards around with you because they are all inside your ipad. I haven’t used the app’s already made flashcards. I have only made my own customized deck. At first it was a bit confusing to figure out, but then it made sense after a few tries. When you write on the flashcard, you have to write on the first line for the front of the card, and the line below that one is for the back of the card. This is a free app that everyone should try out.

Tiny Scan App

I was initially skeptical about this app. I’ve seen other apps make documents look blurry. This app is really useful being that we constantly receive handouts for our classes. It is convenient to scan all the documents we get into the ipad. This app is free, but there is a catch! If you want to scan an unlimited amount of documents, you must purchase the full app for $4.99. Its not a bad deal if you don’t own a scanner, and want to keep things organized. I like how clear the document comes out. I also like how the app allows you to crop the page. I suggest you give it a try, and see for yourselves.


I also find iMovie to be user friendly and useful in the dance classroom. I use it to make movies with my after school classes and send it to their parents at the end of the program and they love it. I also use it as a tool for technique class. Some students learn well from being able to watch themselves and then improve.

Voice app

This app is really great!!! It allows you to create stories using a voice reorder and images. You first record your voice then add in images to tell the story. It provides you with a gallery of images to select from. You can also choose from a variety of format options from telling a narrative to giving a lesson plan. I would imagine the lesson plan can be helpful for students who need a voice recording of a lesson for extra support.

Teacher kit app

I teach at an after school program right now and this app is very useful in keeping my organized and on top of attendance and student behavior.  I only get one hour with each class a week so it is helpful for me to record specific notes about each student on what worked or did not work. You can create a section for each class where you can make seating arrangements, take attendance, record behavior, and record grades. You can also Add contacts for each parent if need be which is convenient.  You can upload any PDFs or worksheets that you are using for a particular class. It is a cool app and I would be interested to hear how it works for a permanent instructor.

Easybib app

I love this app for keeping track of citations on books. You can scan the book and it generates a citation in MLA or APA form. You can also look up the title of the book and it will record the citation. My only wish is that it would make a citation for articles or other forms besides books, but it makes the book reference really easy and you can email yourself the list to add to other is also a free app.