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Added the a GMAIL APP onto my ipad opened up a great amount of doors to continue corresponding with others in the dance community.  Just in 1,2,3 seconds within opening the cover to my ipad I can upload my gmail mail and be in touch with many about upcoming events, collaborations and opportunities within the world of dance.

Almost as good as the GrapeVine- VineApp for IPAD

When a classmate and I where able to upload the Vine App onto our IPAD we where immediately impressed the potential it help within the dance community. VINE, almost like Facebook. allowed the group of dancers to create their own online community sharing ideas, movement, discussions and developments. I greatly recommend this app to anyone interested in exploring the possibilities for developing their resources amongst the dance community online.


Getting a head start on writing a paper with the use of PDF on my ipad has been incredibly helpful during my experience in the Grad Dance Ed program at Hunter College. Without the heavy load of a laptop or running to find a desktop computer, the PDF app adds convince and educational opportunity especially for students. This app allows for uploading of documents, creating word documents and templates without the use of Microsoft Word. PDF also lets the student edit and make additions to papers and other assignments.

Itunes for Ipad

It has been a truly wonderful opportunity to have such an available and convenient resource for music with the vital implementation of the ITUNES APP on my ipad. I can not imagine my world as a dancer, choreographer, student and teacher without the life of music always at my finger tips just like my iPad. Using the app both in classes when searching for music to teach students dance steps, as well as listening to  itunes radio for classical tunes to help with school work. All have been incredibly helpful whether a dancer, student or just true human being living in the twenty-first century.

SketchApp for DANCED

A great addition to our use in technology implementation in the Dance Education Grad Program at Hunter College  the iPad App for Sketch. When we uploaded this App during a DANCE Methods class I began to realize more about the wonderful possibilities internet accessibility holds for the dance educator. This app allows for digital, illustrative documenting of the steps we choreographed in groups during an experimented choreographic exploration exercises in class. The app also allows us to share our dance piece creations with each other and additions as well as comments uploaded by the Professors and classmates.

Common Core App with Dance and Ipad

One of the first Apps I added onto my IPad right from the start of this fall semester was the National Educations App for “Common Core Standards”. I am truly grateful to have such accessibility to this very important information during the course of my studies in the Grad. DANCED Program at Hunter College. In both the Dance and Education courses it has been extremely nesasary many times to refer to the Common Core Standards at many times. I find myself constantly checking the App as I am writing my Lesson Plans and as a reference for course lectures.